Cybersecurity threats are ever increasing, making it a priority to apply the appropriate security measures to protect your data, IP, and employees. IT organizations are challenged to implement security and compliance measures that support an ever-changing security landscape. Our Security Services provide data and cloud expertise with industry standards such as the NIST Frameworks. Applying these cybersecurity measures can reduce the risk of your organization being targeted or even compromised.

Examples of Security Services that you can build with us:

  • Defining the current state of your security infrastructure as a base line for improvement
  • Evaluating your current risk against our nine-point cybersecurity matrix
  • Implementing a roadmap to mitigate your existing cybersecurity risk which could include:
    • Implementing a strategy / solution to have the ability to recover from a point in time prior to an attack
    • Updating your disaster recovery and business continuity processes to isolate your disaster recovery environment from possible attack.
    • Sourcing the right multi factor authentication product to secure your environment, the people in it, and the devices they’re using – Without requiring cumbersome resets or complicated policies
    • Selecting and implementing a security monitoring system to monitor all activities on your network, including user actions, to provide timely warnings for suspicious activity.