EdgeTech Consulting was formed with an exceptional group of dedicated professionals, each bringing their own specialty to the company.  With over 20+ years of IT experience, our team offers diverse expertise to manage and advise clients on their technology challenges.  We are a Full-Service IT provider with a proven support model and approach every engagement as a partnership.  We strongly believe your success is our success.

The advantage EdgeTech offers, is our engineers are skilled in both IT managed services (MSP) and business advisory consulting.  We work in partnership with various size clients both national and international.  Thought leadership is a key factor and crucial to our business relationships.  We are devoted to finding the right solution for our client’s vs current trends.

We are very fortunate and proud of the team gathered to create this company.  Our work environment is built on shared values: integrity, trust, commitment, and communication. We treat our clients with the same respect.  We listen, we learn, and we invest in each other because . . .  we win or lose as a team.