Many businesses face challenges as they try to accelerate the pace of change, embarking on transformation initiatives that can produce uncertainty and discomfort as employees attempt to navigate between the current and future state of the enterprise. At EdgeTech Consulting, we understand that success is both an art and a science and can assist with:

  • The management of large projects, such as installing an ERP system
  • Frameworks for communication and collaboration
  • Processes for alignment among stakeholders with different needs
  • Assessments of employee engagement
  • Expectation management
  • Definitions of success
  • User adoption

Project Rescue

Not every IT project is successful; technical issues may emerge, timelines may slide, or perhaps the solution falls short of what stakeholders have in mind. It is during these critical times that we can provide you the advisory and technical expertise to turn your project around and make it a success.

Our project rescue advisors can support you with:​

  • Reviews of your current project status and how you got there
  • Closed-door sessions with project sponsors
  • Open and comfortable lines of communication
  • Assessments of the project elements such as budget, risk, and scope
  • Evaluations of product solutions that could speed the project up
  • Developing successful project plans